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In Grind, We Trust: Watch DECULTIVATE’s Intense In Studio Full Set + Tour Announcement

Sonic Chaos Sonic Fury Sonic Rage and pure uncut raw audio feral power! These are the words that come to mind as I blast this Decultivate full set. Unholy Hell, this band kicks out the Grindcore-infused Hardcore jams on a whole other level. Decultivate is coming to America and touring the States with CHEPANG / BANDIT in August. We are super stoked to share with y’all this insanely intense 48-minute in-studio full set!

CHEPANG / BANDIT / DECULTIVATE Summer Tour 2023 dates: 

Aug 3 – Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground

Aug 4 – Columbus, OH – Big Room Bar

Aug 5 – Detroit, MI – Sanctuary

Aug 6 – Chicago, IL – Reggies

Aug 7 – Milwaukee, WI – X-Ray Arcade

Aug 8 – Iowa City – TBA

Aug 9 – Kansas City – Howdy

Aug 10 – St Louis, MO – Sinkhole

Aug 11 – Little Rock, AR – Vinos

Aug 12 – Memphis, TN – Hi Tone

Aug 13 – Nashville, TN – Dark Matter

Aug 14 – day off

Aug 15 – Atlanga, GA – 529

Agu 16 – Asheville, NC – Static Age Records

Aug 17 – Richmond, VA – Fuzzy Cactus

Aug 18 – Philly, PA – The Ukie Club

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