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CVLT Nation’s Top Six D-BEAT Releases of 2015

I realized when putting together our Top 6 D-BEAT Releases of 2015 that we did not give this genre the shine it deserved! This all going to change in 2016, because no other music sums up the way I feel about this world as well as D-Beat. Plus, there so much kick ass music coming from around the world that it our duty to represent…So stay tuned and check the list below for what to expect in the new year!


SIX – TORSO Sono Pronta a Morire

This California band knows how to kick out some wicked jams. Not only does TORSO bring the ruckus with their Sono Pronta a Morire album, but they also do it with a chaotic rock n’ roll swagger!!! Agipunk and Sorry State Records put out this record in October, and we are here to tell you if you have not heard it yet, now is the time. TORSO’s raging b-beat punches will give you brain damage, but their breakdowns will have you alert to the sound of their revolution!




AAAAHHH Shit…the NARCOLEPTICS’ Second EP is a non-stop feral ride to the universe where d-beat reigns supreme! When I hear this band I feel like I just got caught in a rainstorm of shards of sonic GLASS! The NARCOLEPTICS’ Second EP is out now on Warthog Speak Records.



You can’t deny the rush of adrenaline you get when you hear a great crust album. The soaring melodies, the punishing palm-muted riffs, the aural filth, the desperation, the apocalyptic visions, the unstoppable anger and the seamless and constant blending of metal and punk is what makes crust so fucking magnetic, epic and undeniably appealing. So it’s always a moment of absolute joy when you run into a crust band that rules and when you hear an album like DISTERROR‘s Catharsis – a fucking adrenaline shot of an album that makes you just wanna fucking raise your fist to the air and start a fucking riot against the world, with their raging riffs as the soundtrack to your own personal war to unshackle yourself from society’s bullshit. Make no mistake – Disterror make no significant stylistic revolution. This shit has zero pretentiousness and shows no desire whatsoever to rewrite the crust book, rather following it quite closely, and that’s probably why Catharsis feels so goddamn classic. Ranging in style and influences from Amebix to Axegrinder, from Filth of Mankind to Doom, and from Deviated Instinct to Tragedy, everything about Disterror’s music is a constant weaving of classic sounds with their own embittered and war-injected visions.

Read the full review here…


Three – DRIP S/T

Okay, here is the question: do I dig the new demo from Montreal’s DRIP? The answer is a mammoth HELL fucking YES! Now let me tell you why: because this band rocks harder than a caveman beating his prey! The primitive drumming that DRIP lays down has my skull shaking. Then there are the riffs that seem to be possessed by voodun spirits. I am a sucker for blown out d-beat, and this band brings the goods. Listening to the DRIP demo is a raging raw punk party jumping off in my brain!

Read the full review here…



UNHOLY FUCK! Did I just get kicked in the nuts? No, but I did just listen the new CONDITION record entitled Actual Hell, and it’s a homocidal sonic war taking place in my skull! I’m so amazed by how good this band is. Listening to their album is more powerful than 666 tons of crystal meth…You can get your fix now from Iron Lung Records.


ONE – 偏執症者 (Paranoid) Satyagraha

This a HUGE landslide of d-beat radness – from beginning to end, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) is a heavyweight of a release. There is so much passion and urgency on this album that you can’t help but pay attention. Do the only thing you can do, if you haven’t already, press play below and experience 偏執症者 (Paranoid) for yourself! Satyagraha is out now via D-takt & Råpunk Records (EUR) and Konton Crasher (US), October 2014. Cassette versions available from Sub//Par (CAD/US) and Lockyard Records (EUR)…CVLT Nation salutes Jocke for creating some of our favorite music over the years!!!


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