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I realized when putting together our Top 6 D-BEAT Releases of 2015 that we did not give this genre the shine it deserved! This all going to change in 2016, because no other music sums up the way I feel about this world as well as D-Beat. Plus, there so much

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SIX: TIME KILLER – BLEED OUT E​.​P. In the mood for some loud, obnoxiously clamorous crust punk that sports a middle finger so large it casts a shadow over half of South America? Timekiller, take a bow. The combination of raw, hardcore punk and speed metal rock’n’roll is deliciously palpable,

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1. MEATBAG MEATBAG are sick as a bag full of foot and mouth disease! This band’s kind of punk runs through your bowels while kicking you in your skull at the same time. The MEATBAG demo will be all you need to eat today…This band is so rotting good…I can

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