CVLT Nation Welcomes NOT YOUR SCENE + NYS/Art Signified 3rd Anniversary Photo Essay

At the beginning of this year, Vancouver’s local underground music aficionados Not Your Scene celebrated their 3rd anniversary as our favourite spot to see coverage of all the local shows, alongside esteemed promoters Art Signified, at a massive two-day fest that brought the walls down at The Astoria. The talented people who run Not Your Scene have graced our pages many times with their excellent photography and videography, but after three years of covering every show that should be covered in this fair city, Asia Fairbanks, Willow Gamberg and Milton Stille are going on hiatus, and joining us here at CVLT Nation. While we are sad to see Not Your Scene take a break, we’re very happy to take them on board here! So stay tuned for many more awesome live photo essays and some exciting video projects in the works! Back to their anniversary show, which featured some of Vancouver’s best acts, including Baptists, Brass, Waingro, Burning Ghats, Dead Quiet, Dead Again and many more! Check out some rad photos via Not Your Scene below…



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