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Black Metal

CVLT Nation’s Top 10 BLACK METAL Albums of 2022


WTF WTF NECROPOLISSEBEHT TTCCCLXXX is a whirlwind of PURE HATE! Imagine your brain is plugged into a vortex of chaotic audio filth. That’s what comes to mind after listening to this record. Hold on as I pick up my whole being off of the floor! NECROPOLISSEBEHT just blew my mind, will it blow ours?

Released September 22, 2022, via Nuclear War Now! Productions.


Damn this CARRION BLOOM record SACRAMENTS OF PESTILENCE is so so so fucking AWESOME!!! As a POC it’s beyond RAD to know that this band stands with me and not against ME! As I dive into the feral sonic RAGE that is SACRAMENTS OF PESTILENCE I can’t help but think I’m so glad that this band exists! The Black Metal that they create is the kind of music that is rooted in real life and not some fantasy BS! I would not be lying if I told y’all that CARRION BLOOM has created one of my favorite releases of 2022. When I hear anthems like “Further Down The Hall” I know why I love this art form. If the band reads this I want y’all to know that we appreciate y’all and your creative spirit!

Released May 6, 2022, via Transylvanian Recordings.


Super stoked to write about THERMOKARST and their S/T tape. WTF this Black Metal Beast never lets up and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Blast their song “ORGANIC LEAN GROUND” and tell me it’s not all that! This band knows how to write some Unreal Morbid Hymns that fucking hit the RAGE SPOT. THERMOKARST are wizards at creating sonic KAOS while still being able to manifest these audio pits of unhinged melody that are delicious to your eardrums. There is not one wack tune on this tape and that’s REAL. I love how they weave in these killer passages of DIRGE into their songs which are super captivating! Press play on their tune “Jesus Pills” and y’all can experience the beautiful tortured madness that is THERMOKARST. Oh yeah, y’all should know that this band is highly addictive, so beware!

Released February 17, 2022.


DRESSED IN STREAMS is a Black Metal band that has never let me down! They bring something special to the genre and for that I respect them! Their latest offering Vande Mataram is FUCKING FIRE!!! I’m amazed at how much-blackened empathy and passion are infused into every second of this release! DRESSED IN STREAMS creates Black Metal that makes me happy to be alive!

Released September 27, 2022, via Colloquial Sound Recordings.


If you have been an avid reader of CVLT Nation for the last 11 years, then you know the kind of Black Metal that we love has its roots firmly planted in the fucked up sonic soil of PUNK. Prayer Position’s new self-titled release is a perfect example of the kind of Black Metal we love! Over the course of 10 tracks, this band lays down the fucking law and I can’t get enough. Their songs are full of the kind of Mayhem that makes me want to punch a nazi in the mouth, leaving them all bloody and fucked up! Respect due Prayer Position for manifesting one of my favorite BM releases of 2023!

Released November 30, 2022, via Primitive Propaganda.

#5 WIEGEDOOD There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road

No band should be more hostile and unforgiving on their fourth release, yet Wiegedood accomplishes just this, despite having so much vitriol on their first three records. Most bands would scale back some, add flourishes, and expand their sound to the point that the fans would start to question their loyalty. Most, but not these dudes from Belgium. Yeah, they do add some bits here and there, and instead of narrowing down, they open it up and allow some exploration. Part of it has to do with being freed from a concept format, as they followed on their first three albums, but part of it also has to do with a band gaining strength from its core sound, reveling in it, and not being afraid of who they are. Written By Kelly Hudson — read the full review HERE.

Released January 14th, 2022, via Century Media Records.

#4 HEXEREI Ancient Evil Spirits

If madness could be caused by listening to an album, then HEXEREI’s Ancient Evil Spirits would do just that! WTF, not only does this fucking rock but it’s demented as well!

Released February 25, 2022, via Sentient Ruin.

#3 TRHÄ endlh​ë​d​ë​haj q​á​shm​ë​na ëlh vim innivte

Some bands are magical and you realize that when you first hear them! Case in point is Trhä and their most recent release endlh​ë​d​ë​haj q​á​shm​ë​na ëlh vim innivte is just that magickal! I can’t even begin how this record makes me feel because it’s that good! If you have never heard them before now is the time! All hail, Trhä — thank you for the magick!

Released November 25, 2022.

#2 ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ Ŷ​ᾦ​Ϛ​Ӿ​Ѻ​ᾦ​Ѻ​Ӿ​Ϛ​ᾦ​Ŷ

ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ has created a record that sounds full of sonic horror. The songs you will encounter on ŶᾦϚӾѺᾦѺӾϚᾦŶ will lurch their way into your reality and exist amongst your night terrors. Real talk, this offering defies genres, but I will say it’s fucking horrific. What I love about it is that deep down in the audio filth, the band manifests these portals of melodic dirge that are almost ritualistic. I’m tired of talking, it’s time for y’all to listen to ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ for yourself!

Released October 8, 2021.

#1 BLACK FUCKING CANCER Procreate Inverse

After just one listen, you realize why BLACK FUCKING CANCER’s Procreate Inverse is our Number One Black Metal Record of 2022. I swear this band has never released anything I did not like! Their music has this otherworldy aggressive energy vibe about it that I can’t get enough of. What has always got me hyped about them is that out of all of their sonic chaos, they find a way to rock hard AF! Procreate Inverse is one of those records that each time you hear it you will feel and hear something new! Respect due to Sentient Ruin for putting out this Blackened gem of torment!

Released March 18, 2022, Sentient Ruin.

Written By

Sentient 51423

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