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Avant Garde

CVLT Nation Premiere: Streaming
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat “To Live Vicariously”

Who comes to mind as I blast the new Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat album To Live Vicariously?  I feel like I’m  pushed back into a time when Uncle Jams Parties and Egyptian Lover ruled the Los Angeles party scene. Also as I jam out to K.T.A.O.A.B.C., I began to think back to when I first saw Kraftwerk fucking shit up on television – remember, back then we considered them hip hop. What impresses me about this band is how down to earth they deliver their art, which makes me dig them even more. Our comrades CONSOULING SOUNDS, the label without sonic boundaries, will be releasing To Live Vicariously, and to that I say respect due. Check out our full stream of Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat jamming below…Make sure to get your groove on – their is nothing wrong with shaking your ASS!



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Relapse DF 92123
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