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CVLT NATION EXCLUSIVE: The Great Old Ones Devastate Le Farrailleur – Live Footage

CVLT Nation is proud to present a half hour long exclusive video of a live set from France’s rising stars The Great Old Ones. It was shot on September 27th at Le Farrailleur, in celebration of record label/webzine LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE‘s sixth birthday, alongside fellow acts Moonreich, Paramnesia and Regards Les Hommes Tomber. The footage itself is professionally shot and is composed of the first three songs from their phenomenal sophomore album “Tekeli-Li“. Having seen this video, it makes me insanely jealous of any of those in attendance that night, or even those who have seen this band in the live setting. Inscribe a ward of protection on your front door after viewing this, as this Lovecraft-worshiping, genre-bending five piece prove their dark, cosmic weight in the live setting. The twenty-four minute mark of this video, which is the song “Awakening,” is easily one of the heaviest moments to come forth from an album this year. That section made me smile, knowing that I was right all along about this project. For those in Lille and Savigny Le Temple, France, this upcoming weekend, they’ll be supporting the war masters known as Behemoth on December 14th and 15th – a show that by all means should not be missed.

Upcoming dates:

13 Dec: Nice, France – the altherax \ w lutece, nohellia, fir bolg
14 Dec: Lille, France – the aircraft \ w behemoth, bliss of flesh
15 Dec: Savigny Le Temple, France – the footprint \ w behemoth,

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Brooklyn, NY. A firm believer that the owls are not what they seem.



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