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Apocalyptic Blues

CVLT Nation captures:
AMPLIFEST 2015 Day One

Text & Photos: Nuno Bernardo

Not a festival, an experience. Amplifest’s editions get better each year. The beauty of Porto, Portugal, as a city conveys the beauty of the line-up presented for Amplifest’s fifth edition, and we barely had time to catch our breath with all the things happening in each room of Hard Club on the first day, from Converge and Altar of Plagues to talks and documentaries. Every single detail proved Amplifest to be more than a music event.

We witnessed talks from music writers – CVLT Nation’s Luiz Mazzetto, and now and then contributors José Carlos Santos, José Miguel Rodrigues and Emanuel Pereira – and also from notable musicians like Kurt Ballou, Stephen O’Malley and Mories. We watched an Old Man Gloom film and studied the work of the gong makers and cymbalsmiths João Pais Filipe and Steve Hubback.

Meanwhile, Juseph and Memoirs of a Secret Empire battled to showcase what the Portuguese post-rock scene has to offer these days, and Filho da Mãe led his guitar to a vibrant and infinite loop acoustic and folk music. We managed to embrace the rough violence of Full of Hell, and to catch up the dreamy notes and tones from Noveller, before standing in front of one of the last of Altar of Plagues’ farewell shows. A stunning and powerful performance from the Irish band required some ear rest at William Basinski’s peaceful atmosphere, just before the first Converge show in Portugal in five years – a comeback that fed the inner fierceness of the audience. James Kelly’s electronic adventures as WIFE then set to dance the resistant bodies, leading to a perfect ending of a perfect day.

Stay tuned for more…


4. Amplifest 3. Amplifest

2. Amplifest 1. Amplifest

Memoirs of a Secret Empire & Juseph

13. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 12. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 11. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 10. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 9. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 8. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 7. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 6. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph 5. Memoirs Of A Secret Empire vs. Juseph (Portrait)

Filho da Mae

17. Filho da Mae 16. Filho da Mae 15. Filho da Mae 14. Filho da Mae

Full Of Hell

18. Full Of Hell 22. Full Of Hell 21. Full Of Hell 20. Full Of Hell 19. Full Of Hell


23. Noveller (Portrait) 24. Noveller 25. Noveller 26. Noveller 27. Noveller 28. Noveller

Altar Of Plagues

36. Altar Of Plagues 35. Altar Of Plagues 34. Altar Of Plagues 33. Altar Of Plagues 32. Altar Of Plagues 31. Altar Of Plagues 30. Altar Of Plagues 29. Altar Of Plagues


45. Converge 44. Converge 43. Converge 42. Converge 41. Converge 40. Converge 39. Converge 38. Converge 37. Converge


James Kelly (WIFE, Altar Of Plagues)

James Kelly (WIFE, Altar Of Plagues)

51. WIFE 50. WIFE 49. WIFE 48. WIFE 47. WIFE

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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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