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Cosmic DOOM For Your Brain!
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11 paranoias “Lost To Smoke”

Bongs ablaze! Sick bands are the ones that have their own sound and are able to conjure up those audio tidal waves that will push you into another reality! Case in point: UK’s Cosmic Doom warlocks 11 paranoias. They have a new soon to be released album entitled Stealing Fire From Heaven that will be released by the always heavy Ritual Productions. Stop whatever you are doing, press play below and allow yourself to launched in to the clouds as you listed to their new song “Lost To Smoke”! Stay tuned for a full review of 11 paranoias’s Stealing Fire From Heaven…This band sounds like no other and have turned doom into a magic carpet ride that I want to last forever!…Check out past 11 paranoias features HERE & HERE!

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Sentient 51423

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