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CVLT Nation has a new offering of sludgy grindcore to massacre your eardrums today – the lead track off of CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR‘s upcoming debut album Mechanical Tides, “Die Glocke.” This track will decimate your braincells with its relentless pummeling, and will definitely have you wondering what more these UK

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Today CVLT Nation is stoked to bring you The Lion’s Daughter‘s decimating side of their upcoming split with Nights Like These streaming below! These St. Louis bands have united to put out the split in order to donate all of the proceeds to the Stray Rescue organization, which takes in

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Things have just gotten a little weird, or should I say a little emotional on the angular tip…Toronto’s GODSTOPPER has a new EP in the the works called Children are our Future. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of premiering their new video “Young Queen” below!

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A few months ago the name Coltsblood may not have meant a whole lot to you, but tours with Watain and signing with Candlelight is sure to change that, and more importantly, this devastating record that they call their debut album, Into The Unfathomable Abyss, is destined to do wonders.

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This feature is for all heavy weirdos out there who love EYEHATEGOD and HIGH ON FIRE. Check out both bands kill shit at the Ottobar in Baltimore on April 27th. All of this insane footage was captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT, and proves once again he is

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Clearly there’s something in air in Portland, Oregon that’s been breeding a city with a vibrant and healthy underground for years, especially those of the doom and sludge variety. Stoneburner are one such band and one of the latest signees to Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings. Signing to this label immediately sets

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