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Highly ADDICTIVE! Inhale the Raw Blackened Sludge of KEEF CHAMBER

WTF The new KEEF CHAMBER album is FUCKING BLAZIN HOT and will only add to the effects of your HIGH! Unholy fuck, this band is kicking out some serious Blackened-infused Sludge! They have the right amount of Punk in the mix and are not afraid to pay homage to their Blues ancestors! I got to keep it 100% real with y’all, their vocalist is next fucking level. As a band, KEEF CHAMBER conjures up anthems that do not sound contrived at all! I want to go on record and say that this band is going to fucking BLOW UP because they are that fucking RAD! All of their songs have the Voodoo Boogie factor, meaning that under the sonic filth exists a layer of putrid melody that will have you dancing. I’m not even going to pick one song to highlight because the whole album is RAW AF! Imagine Motorhead, Venom, Electric Wizard, Discharge, and Grief coming together — what they created would sound like the new KEEF CHAMBER album. Blast this band at your own risk, and beware you just might get high on contact! DOPETHRONE and KEEF CHAMBER should tour together — I would be front row head banging my ass OFF!

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Sentient 51423

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