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Tpday we’re stoked to bring you an exclusive premiere of the new video from Mutilation Rites for their track “Contaminate,” taken from their latest release Harbinger on Prosthetic Records. Just like their music, this visual is a gruesome smorgasbord of death, destruction and dissection, and isn’t something for the weak

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It really seems like Finland is the place today where some really interesting alchemical operations take place. The extreme metal scene of this country has a strong psychedelic influence in its core, resulting in a plethora of bands that tend towards the experimental side of the extreme metal spectrum. Oranssi

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Katechon, boys and ghouls, is not for the virgin metal fan. Like gasoline funneling into a combustion chamber, their latest Nuclear War Now Productions release, Coronation, is a raging inferno of a record. Like black metal with hoarse rasps, guttural growls, mosh-worthy blastfests, melodic mid-tempo chord transitions, lead guitar, and

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“Life is full of bullshit and unfortunate events that happen every second of every day all over the world, but the real aim of these types of reflections is to relay the idea that things can always be better. “

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“This means war.” I’ve always found that line to be classy as hell and a great catchphrase, though I never had the occasion to use it properly until now. Let me take you back to a few days prior: I’m sitting in a chair, trying to wrap my mind around

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Photos by Alan Hunter Those of you who frequent this site know that we’re all big fans of Black Breath, and in the seven years since they released debut EP Razor to Oblivion they’ve rightfully become a household name. In brief, if you’re looking for heavy, infectious anthems to please

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