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Unholy awesomeness – the new CHAIN CULT album Shallow Grave is the fucking BOMB! Straight up, every song is an anthem that will have you dancing on graves of our oppressors! I love how this band writes songs that are Dark Punk but at the same time so uplifting. When

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Today sees the official release of the new album from ULFBERTH, Process of Clarity. A month ago, I had the pleasure of sharing the title track with you, and now I am overjoyed and humbled to see my words immortalized on the CD release – “feels like it’s taking a

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Berlin’s Linnéa Olsson is a veteran of the metal genre, having been part of numerous notable projects including Beast Milk, The Oath, Grave Pleasures, and Sonic Ritual. Her new project, Maggot Heart, has her as the songwriter and face of the band, which is a first in her career. Since

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Hailing from Minsk, in Belarus, mysterious war metal duo GOAT TERROR seal their grand declaration of war toward the universe in the form of Unholy March a debut 3-track EP of absolutely unforgiving violence and hatred scum-fucked with blasphemies and perversions of all sorts. This is complete mindless Neanderthal shit

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Imagine a rage that grows when you suffer one injustice after another, but you’re forced to keep it inside you for survival’s sake – you’ve been told time and again that if you release that anger, you will only meet with your own death and destruction. Now imagine that after

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Italy has something darkly captivating in store for you with NAGA‘s new blackened doom record, Void Cult Rising. It creates an all-encompassing chill that starts at the base of your neck and travels down your spine until you find yourself buried in melancholic bleakness. The new album comes out via

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