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Ever since I got into Hardcore Punk in the 80’s, I have been a fan of the art that this subculture had to offer! What I did not realize when I was younger was that many of the illustrators I admired were also sick musicians. Before I had ever heard

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So what happens when art and devotion collide? You get battle jackets and battle vests. I have three different ones, because I collect band patches and can never stop myself from sewing them on to something. I also can never get enough of looking at vests made by other people.

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I have been a street art fan for decades and whenever I see something that blows my mind it sticks with me! Case in point is the art of ODEITH, because his style of “sombre 3D” is breathtaking and jaw dropping all at the same time. Some of his pieces make

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The short film More Hate Than Fear is a very intense look at a young UK graffiti writer navigating his way through the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence. This film was written by Molly Manning Walker and directed by Billy Boyd Cape. Prison is another form of living hell,

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What’s up Chris – how are you feeling today?  Hey what up ya’ll! Feelin good, feelin great…. feelin great, feelin good how are you? You’ve got to tell the world how an OG SoCal Metalhead ended up studying fashion at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion? In 2005 at the age

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Motown, Motor City, Hockeytown, the list goes on for all the names that conjure up memories of one of America’s most legendary cities: Detroit. The symbol of twentieth century economic boom, Detroit is a city that captures blue-collar grit and toughness in all its pride and glory. The home of

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