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Experience the Cataclysmic Sludge of the LEECHFEAST / NIGHTFUCKER Split!

So what happens when two of your favorite SLUDGE bands decide to split together? The outcome is the Leechfeast / Nightfucker record and both bands have brought their A-GAME. First up is the beast LEECHFEAST who kicks things off with a painful sorrowful and powerful 18-minute death hymn called “Bells of Fire.” This band is always on point — when I hear their vocals, I can’t help but envision enchanting ancient buildings or statues! NIGHTFUCKER has two morbid, wretched hymns that show us all why they rule in the realm of caustic SLUDGE! After listening to this band, I feel like I need to shower, because their tunes reek of filth and decay. I’m super stoked to be sharing with y’all one of the best SLUDGE splits in full below. All hail due to Rope Or Guillotine for releasing this kick-ass gem and for allowing us to it with the world!

Order the Leechfeast / Nightfucker Split HERE!

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Sentient 51423

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