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Your New Favorite DOOM Band: BATTLE HAG’s Celestial Tyrant Is HEAVY AF!

Low, Slow, and Extremely Heavy are going to win this race! This is why I can’t get enough of the new BATTLE HAG album Celestial Tyrant that’s out now via Transylvanian Recordings. The record is almost an hour long and on the real, it’s so fucking good that you will not want it to end. Real talk, this band creates the kind of Cosmic Doom that’s full of beautiful sonic valleys. When I listen to the way that their songs unwind, it’s the sorrowful, fragile parts that heal my broken heart! BATTLE HAG manifests what I like to call modern-day blues because every riff is dipped in pain and uplifts at the same time. Spark up a HUGE bowl, press play, and let Celestial Tyrant take your reality to a new space plus time. The song “Red Giant” is just that: an audio giant that is complex and extremely unreal. This band writes the Doom hymns we all need to hear right now and they do it for the passion, not the clout!

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