Apocalyptic Beat Warriors! Premiering: Statiqbloom “Ersatz Gaze”

I want to dance as the world ends; I want to dance on the graves of the corrupt leaders of the world as the new  Statiqbloom track “Ersatz Gaze” plays in the background! One of my favorite Industrial duos is back with a soon to be released EP entitled Infinite Spectre that comes out on  7/27/18 via Translation Loss Records (pre-order HERE!). Right her and now you can hear their new tune bumping below. We are happy that Statiqbloom is back and if you get to see them live it’s beyond intense. They will be performing in NYC with Amenra – but it’s sold out!

Fade of Statiqbloom states:

“Ersatz Gaze” is a song about lies. It’s about the overwhelming lies of the media, the government, corporations, and every other institution that seeks to divide and control us. It’s the struggle to find what’s real behind this time of “alternative facts”, which are really just propaganda and lies.






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