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Avant Garde

Alter Your Reality! Listen to the new RAKTA & DEAFKIDS collabo Track “Forma”

I love music that sets my mind FREE! I love music that makes my brain cells tune into the UNKNOWN! I love music that is created from a place of pure PASSION and CREATIVITY! I love RAKTA & DEAFKIDS! At different points in my life, each band has played a role in expanding how I believe music can be created. To say that I’m a fan of each band wouldn’t be honest because these bands are beyond special to me. When I listen to their music, I’m inspired to create and I get inspired to be a parent to my weirdo children. If I had the superpower of time travel, I would take my whole family back to the night of July 2nd, 2019. On this evening in Brazil, RAKTA and DEAFKIDS united for an unreal show at the Sesc Pompeia venue. This mind-expanding performance is now coming to vinyl on May 21st via Nada Nada Discos (Brazil) and the Berlin-based Rapid Eye Records (rest of the world). Right now, we’re so fucking stoked to share the song “Forma” with you, taken from that performance!

Rakta & Deafkids Live at Sesc Pompeia”

Carla Boregas: Bass and synth

Paula Rebellato: Vocals and synth

Mauricio Takara: Drums and electronics

Douglas Leal: Guitar

Marcelo dos Santos: Bass

Mariano de Melo: Drums


Side A

  1. “Miragem”
  2. “Templo Do Caos”
  3. “Sigilo”

Side B

  1. “Forma”
  2. “Flor Da Pele”
  3. “Espirais Da Loucura”

Mixed by Renato Copolli, André Leal and Kleber Mariano

Mastered by James Plotkin 

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