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Avant Garde

Stream the DEAFKIDS/Gum Takes Tooth with Wayne Adams 7″

Fuck being normal. Fuck trying to conform. Fuck not plugging into an alternative universe. Right here and now, I want y’all to plug your reality into the Outergaltic sounds of the new DEAFKIDS/Gum Takes Tooth with Wayne Adams 7 inch split that comes out Friday via God Unknown Records. Straight up, both bands will push your brain cells to a place where they have never been. To say I love DEAFKIDS would be a LIE. I fucking adore them. Their new song “PSY-OP” sounds like them being plugged into the motherboard of all life. Gum Takes Tooth with Wayne Adams’s song “Servitude” will creep into your exoskeleton and rearrange your existence! I’m super stoked to share with y’all these unreal songs for your listening pleasure. NOW EXPAND YOUR MIND and Everything else will FOLLOW!

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