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Raging Black/Death Metal : Possession – Exorkizein Review + Stream

The band Possession is well-known to fans of underground metal.  They started out playing blackened thrash for label Iron Bonehead Productions, and since then, they’ve evolved their approach into what sounds most similar to black/death metal.  Their songwriting chops on newest release, Exorkizein, have retained the band’s penchant for catchy accessible songs that go from blastbeats to slower downpicked chord transitions.  They haven’t hiccuped yet. Exorkizein is as enjoyable as the band’s previous material, and there’s no mistaking the band for other practitioners in the black/death metal underground.  They come with a unique sound and the band doesn’t focus on blast and stop mediocrity.  They instead write memorable songs that stay with listeners for days.

True to the band’s namesake, Possession like song topics such as demonic possession.  In Exorkizein, the band features more intensity.  There are catchy riffs in each song, and the transitions lead to choruses that sometimes urges fans to sing along.

This time, Possession feature more material than they’ve done previously.  There’s no mistaking this band for releasing mediocre songs as filler.  There is no such thing on Exorkizein, and Possession may be my pick for the next kvlt underground band to appeal to mainstream fans of legitimate kvlt acts like Watain and Shining.

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

The band also feature some movie samples in intros.  They add character to an album that already brims with distinct quality.  The drums have interesting hi-hat patterns and the choral voices in the background of some songs prove that the band pays attention to details.

Lacking nothing in intense play and quality craftsmanship, Possession show an evolved mature songwriting style that still appeals to fans of more accessible songwriting.  If Possession are to rise from underground kvlt status to mainstream media exaltation, it would be well-deserved for the band and their fans.  I’m just unsure as to whether Possession would accept such a status in metal fandom.

The songs last for a decent length, allowing fans more to sink their teeth into.  At Cvlt Nation, through the years, we have been fans of Possession since their debut ignited underground circles years ago, and we still proudly pronounce acclaim for their quality material.

The songs tend to slow down in the latter parts of the album, but there’s no lack of energy and execution to make note of.  From the blast sections in opening track, Sacerdotium, to the sing-along chorus of Take the Oath, Possession proves to underground fans that underground metal still trumps mainstream melodic black/death metal that major labels are feeling the pressure to release.  Will Possession follow the signs leading to mainstream idolatry by the masses?  Let the band and fans decide. Stream now!

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Provocateur/Connoiseur of all things dark and grisly. Published author and freelance editor addicted to underground metal of the highest order! Al Necro lives and writes in Manila, Philippines. Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

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