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I am starting this discussion of the film Demon (Poland, 2015) in a different place than when I originally watched it a few months ago. While it already seemed timely to discuss in relation to many aspects of American politics and the rise of extreme nationalist groups, I did not

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The band Possession is well-known to fans of underground metal.  They started out playing blackened thrash for label Iron Bonehead Productions, and since then, they’ve evolved their approach into what sounds most similar to black/death metal.  Their songwriting chops on newest release, Exorkizein, have retained the band’s penchant for catchy

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Demonic possession has plagued human kind since we began recording our histories. The Abrahamic religions in particular thrived off of the fear of demonic possession in their flocks; but no organization took it further than the Christian Industrial Complex. To this day, most major sects of Christianity have official policies on

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It’s said that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist.” Yeah – it’s a movie line, but there are millions of people who believe it’s true. The same people who repeat it are constantly going on about how Satan exists – ignoring

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Alright keepers of the underground flame, Possession has once more, released a mini-album’s worth of material to whet our appetite for what is to come. Eschaton draws closer as the world marches to mankind’s extinction, and on 1585-1646, we are treated to some old-school metal to help us greet the

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