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Black Death

Total Black Metal Incineration: AFFLICTION VECTOR “Death Comes Supreme” Full EP Premiere

Italian black metal chaos mongers AFFLICTION VECTOR ready the release of “Death Comes Supreme” their incinerating debut EP coming September 25th 2020 on vinyl via Argento Records (grab it HERE). AFFLICTION VECTOR has been conceived as an introspective exploration by Ans in 2018. After the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, the artist decided to embrace a solitary journey through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as fuel for his creative flame. In 2019 drummer Christian Musich (The Secret, Grime) joined the project, projecting his primordial percussive ferocity into the compositions and solidifying the line up. Inspired by masters like Mayhem, Bolt Thrower and Teitanblood, AFFLICTION VECTOR regurgitates its influences into a completely new, unique, self-devouring Death and Black Metal magma that annihilates every boundary between nightmare and reality. “Death Comes Supreme” is a spirit-possessed descent into suffering without any expectation of catharsis or cleansing. It’s the sound of an artist abandoning his mind into his own inner chaos, a realm dominated by demons. Stream the ungodly EP exclusively below.

Ans comments on the project:

“Death Comes Supreme was written and recorded during a dark time in my life. A time that I now perceive as a natural passage in everyone’s lives. I left everything behind the past and burned the bridges towards the places I once called home. I had to prove myself that I was still capable to put my ideas into art, and so I did for the past 3 years. I have always been a person who didn’t see any bright horizons and therefore searched for comfort in the darkness, just how I found confort by screaming against the world. But as time passed I felt that even thought I was still screaming, that I simply lost all my direction and got lost in the darkness that once comforted me. Living quite isolated from everyone I have found this feeling again, but it was mutated from anger to bitterness and apaty. I also noticed that I was embracing these feelings with every step I took. These feelings became a part of the. These feelings became the anguish that keeps the bags under my eyes.  That’s why I named the project Affliction Vector. Myself and my abominations are the vector that lead me towards this state of mind, and this is the interpretation I have given to my music. Just like many of us can find themselves in the bitterness of our solitude.

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Relapse DF 92123
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