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A Sonic Phoenix Rising! HIGH VIS ‘Blended’ Sets the Bar High!

All day today I have been blasting a record that has given me the chills because it’s that DAMN AWESOME! The record I’m talking about is the new HIGH VIS entitled Blended that comes out on Sept. 9th via Dais Records. First I got to say that this band has harnessed the magic of Shoegaze, the Angst of Post Punk, the working class spirit of Brit Pop, the Blissed out Vibes of the Madchester Movement and created a sound that is PURE RADNESS!

When I hear anthems like “Trauma Bond,” it reminds me why I really learned what it meant to be someone’s friend when I moved to the UK (when someone calls you their mate, they mean it, it’s just not lip service). HIGH VIS is beyond epic because not only does their music uplift me, but their lyrics are so real! Blast their tune “Morality Test” and tell me it does not kick you in your soul! I want to say thank you for creating songs like “Join Hands” that make me remember where I come from and what it means to be proud to be me. “Shame” is the perfect song to close out this insanely perfect album.

Allowing Blended to enter my reality makes me want to transport back to 2002, dressed in my black Stone Island parka, walking in the London rain singing The Verve at the top of my lungs. These songs go beyond any one genre because these are songs that the whole world needs to hear! HIGH VIS, y’all did it big, and for that I salute you. Blended is what happens when real punks make the album they always wanted to make!

High Vis Blending Label: DAIS Records

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