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A New Kind Of Puppy Love…
A Look Into The World Of Puppy Play

It’s true what they say – there are different strokes for different folks! Case in point is Human Puppy Play, which is a growing fetish that is not for me, but I can kind of understand how other people see the value in it. What I do respect about humans that find this to be their thing is that they have the freedom to do what makes them happy! Visually, the outfits that many of the Puppies wear are pretty cool in their own right. Below is a collection of photos of Human Puppies doing their thing. It should be said while some people are into this fetish for sexual reasons, others are into it as a form of self-expression, and sexual gratification is not something that are seeking out when they get kitted out in their gear. Also, peep what the Human Pups has to say about this way of life:

What is puppy play?

Puppy Play is NOT about bestiality. Human puppy play does not involve real pups/dogs in sexual activities and it does not mean someone desires to perform sexual activities with real biological pups/dogs

Puppy play originally began as a way to humiliate or punish a boy by making them look and act like a dog but many found they identified more with being a pet than they did as a boy or slave. The punishment turned out to be more fun than humiliation. So began the puppy movement. Today it is growing in leaps and bounds as  more and more people find their true nature as a pet.

It is different for everyone that takes on the role of a puppy or a dog. It sometimes involves a trainer/master/handler/owner where a pup is trained, disciplined or simply acts like a spoiled pet and sometimes it may only involve playing with other pups/dogs or playing alone. Some pups completely relinquish all human characteristics, becoming a true “pet” while others retain varying degrees of their human characteristics.

For some it’s completely non-sexual, there is no erotic or sexual interaction at all, simply relying on someone to feed and reward or discipline them is only an exciting variation of Dominance and submission (D/s). For others, they are always a human, capable sexual behavior with other pups or humans. Puppy play has strong naturally occurring elements of D/s, ownership and control, as well as other traditional BDSM aspects

Puppy play depends on what the people involved are hoping to accomplish, it can be nothing more than role-play fun or an escape from reality using an alternate personality. via Human Pups

How should strangers approach a human puppy?

  • Most pups/dogs love to be petted but a stranger should approach a human pup/dog the same way they would approach a real canine. If the pup/dog has a human with them, you should ask the human if it’s ok to approach or pet the pup/dog. If the pup/dog is alone and turns away or growls when you approach them, you should leave them alone. You should never try to grab a pups/dogs collar or leash and if they are wearing a lock you should never touch it or the collar as some owners take this as an act of disrespect to them personally. A pup/dog that wants to be petted will make it obvious and might move toward you or they may lick or sniff you when you approach.
  • A human pup/dog approaching another should use some common sense, never just run up and pounce on the other pup/dog without properly introducing yourself using barks or whimpers or human language. The other pup/dog might not want to play or their owner/trainer/handler may not allow them to interact with other pups/dogs. via Human Pups

These Photos are by ZAK KREVITT From the recent Vice feature “Photos of Fetish Pups Frolicking at a Leather Convention

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