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A Master of Black Ink!
Business for Satan Tattoo Spotlight

Blank skin is one of the canvasses that Business for Satan has mastered! This young, talented artist is able to apply his out of this world illustrations on to people’s bodies in a beautiful rendering of black ink on flesh. What draws me to his work is how detailed his pieces are, while still maintaining an openness about them. Many of his works are filled with dark emotions, but also have this almost fragile quality to them…Some humans might look at his tattoos and not see how fucking beautiful his art because of the subject matter…Personally, if I had the money, I would book a ticket to Paris right now so that I could get a tattoo done by Business for Satan. These photos show skin that has been marked by the beast and it looks awesome…Business for Satan also kills it on the illustration tip, which we will be covering at a later date! All Hail the overlord of black ink!

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