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Black Metal

666% Raw Black Metal: 3 new bands killing it!!!

Fuck life as we know it – listen to these three Black Metal bands that are Raw As Fuck! What you’re going to hear below is pure hate and disgust for what society deems as normal. What I dig about all of these offerings is the amount of insane, blackened passion that each band is spitting out. I can’t front – this is the kind of ballistic music that gets me hyped. While blasting all these releases, I can’t help but have visions of beheading the corrupt leaders of the world that are killing this planet at the behest of corporate greed. I can only speak for myself when I say that this form of music has healing properties, which why I lose my mind when I hear RAW FUCKING BLACK METAL created for those that give the middle finger to conformity!


Palemoon, Palemoon Rehearsal


Winter’s Grave, The First Winter


Hinterkaifeck, LIVE PROMO TAPE

(go here for tapes!)

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