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1:35 Of… ASUNDER & CORRUPTED Collaborating 2008 Free Download

I’m almost at a loss for words, but I will tell you that in 2008 doom history was made in the Bay Area. This was the year that ASUNDER & CORRUPTED collaborated for well over an hour on a piece of music that is far beyond classic. The event took place at the KFJC studios, and fucking hell, what this music does to me is so epic. For 1:35:00, these two bands became one and manifested pure magic. This moment in musical history feels like the beginning of humanity; before the word, there was doom. Silence rolls towards mountains of wind for many minutes, before the birds began to break out of their shells to the sound of beautiful guitar. Ancient foot prints are left in the mud by a slow-moving drum beat that is starting get closer to the ocean of sorrow. The thunderclouds are gathering after the CORRUPTED vocalist has left his mark on your brainwaves, and now rain is about to come down, so all can bathe in ASUNDER. Next, without explanation, your body will start to rock back & forth in blackened bliss. The pounding of the giants will grow stronger before a real sense of gloom takes over everything around you. If sound has the power to heal, after hearing this killer song I will never need to see a doctor again. Within this colossal tune, everything you have thought of will take place. If you have not noticed, this is not a normal review, but a written free-association exercise about how this special musical treasure has made me feel. Now here is your chance to feel…

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