Premiere Streaming ANTHESIS “Where’s The Dignity”

ANTHESIS has a new album hitting the streets on June 9th entitled The Age of Self, and we’re stoked to bring you a blistering track off this rabid beast of an album! “Where’s The Dignity” will tear your head off with its bloodstained teeth before devouring your very soul. You can pre-order The Age of Self from labels Hibernation Release (US vinyl/cassette) and Ancient Temple Recordings (Canada vinyl, cd, cassette), or via Digital Pre-order. Check out what ANTHESIS has to say about the track below.

This is one of the songs from The Age of Self that we’ve played live the most. Scott (Lilly, bass) did lead vocals on this track and it’s a pretty straightforward ripper. I believe that it’s the fastest track on the album and it has a slight black metal influence to it’s grind. The “breakdown” at the end of the track is also the only one on the album, which was very tongue in cheek.





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