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Death Metal

Listen to this grinding
d-beat and Death Metal Anthem by BRIDGE BURNER “Chlorine Eyes”

Fuck you and your authority! These are the words that come to mind as I blast the new BRIDGE BURNER album Disempath. This scathing sonic beast comes out on April 2nd via Hibernation Release and shouldn’t be missed. Imagined if the Blood Brothers sung with deep voices and created D-Beat-infused Deathcore: the outcome just might be this record! This band can play the hell out of their instruments and this fact can be heard on every fucking song. It’s the RAW energy of BRIDGE BURNER that gets me fucking hyped! This is why I’m beyond fucking stoked to be sharing their new song “Chlorine Eyes” below. Make sure to pre-order Disempath here and head bang your way into another reality!

Guest vocals by Callum Gay of Spook the Horses/Stress.

Chlorine Eyes is actually the first song that was written for the Disempath LP, and was a collaboration between Josh and Gary. The song itself sums up our sound pretty well, elements of skronky weirdness, sinister/unsettling passages and dbeat of course.

I have always been a fan of guest vocalists, as it can really make a song more dynamic with different voices interacting. Callum (Spook the Horses/Stress) came to mind immediately, as he has been a friend of the band for a long time, is a good human, and has a ferocious voice of course. 
Lyrically it brings together the two main overarching themes of all Bridge Burner lyrics – loathing of the worst humanity has to offer, and loathing of self. Chlorine Eyes is an indictment of the religious right and how they continue to stray further and further from the teachings they purport to embody. The absurdity of those supposedly morally superior pushing for gun rights over human rights, demonising and deporting immigrants, constantly playing the victim, the self-importance, worship of false idols like Trump; it’s absurd. It’s all so absurd and has made me sicker and sicker with each passing year. I am arriving at a point where I am really struggling to care anymore. We are fashioning a very dark and depressing future, and I want no part of it.

Cover art by Mark Tumaru

Self-exiled, righteous whores and heretics

Delirium here upon spoiled throne of salt and shit

If gods not dead, then he’s fucking sick

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Bearing worn chalice of poison and politic

Depths to plunge with stale and sagging breath

And rancid heart burns with pure delight

A void dragged through ugly sleepless night

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Cause I’m fucking empty

Like god I’m fucking sick

Vortex of Leviathanian might

Placental crust upon the blight

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Worthless krill to yawping maw

Down clogged and noxious throat

In the belly of our beast

With thumbs deep in eye-sockets, we can see

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Gnarled hands upon the swollen throats

Our one true love to call us home

Deaf through another graven year

Scraping knuckles in the gutters of fear

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I’ll still be treading this filthy muck

Feverishly waiting for the floods

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