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Black Metal

CVLT Nation’s Top 5 New Bands You Must HEAR Today!

Unholy fuck this band is just so, so, so fucking good! The vocals eat away at your existence while the music beats you all over your body! HOME IS GONE has created one of my favorite black releases of the year. Every song reeks of tortured drama that pulls you into their fucked up world! Just like the world we live in, their music is beautiful and ugly all at the same time. I know for a fact that some label somewhere is going to sign this band in a blackened heartbeat. HOME IS GONE has found a place in our home and we will blasting Triptych on the regular!


I have just opened up a can of SECRET CUTTER and they are going to kill you! Straight up, this band is on some next level rage. Their songs are all built on a HUGE foundation of HEAVY ORGINALITY. To say that they are one genre would be unfair to them, because they know how to express sonic anger in so many different ways. SECRET CUTTER has produced one of those tapes that will reveal something new with each listen! This is the kind of band that brightens my motherfucking day and makes me stoked to do what we do over here at CVLT Nation. Press play below and allow SECRET CUTTER to shapeshift into different creatures in your ear! Sometime in Oct. this kick ass tape will be released by our comrades over at Grimoire Cassette Cvlture!…pick up the vinyl copies HERE!


I just got addicted to my brand new drug of choice, and they go by the name of ORYX. They conjure up the kind of THC-laced riffs that will have your room full of the green smoke and will have you running for your munchies! Their songs are journeys to a place where the weed caravans are on the move. Do not get it twisted – ORYX’s songs take sonic detours into other realms that will keep you on your stoned toes. I’m in awe of how much emotion this band is capable of conveying, and I so wish I could catch their show at this year’s South West Terror Fest! What I can do is turn the world onto ORYX and their tape Widowmaker, which will soon get the vinyl treatment…You can but their tape HERE & pre-order the vinyl HERE!…Press play and Get DOOMED!!!


So what happens when zombies ejaculate piss instead of semen? You end up with a stench-filled babies that grow up to start a band called CEMETERY PISS! CVLT Nation has been a fan of this band since we first heard their tape Rest In Piss. Now they are back with a new 7 inch call Such The Vultures Love out now via Cricket Cemetery and it fucking infects you in the best kind of way. This band is so freaking nasty sounding I feel like they are giving my ears a disease with each listen, but I can not stop pressing the play button. I think I know what it is: it’s their putrid melodic surges that keep me coming back for more! CEMETERY PISS is the shit, so you better get with the program!


This band have achieved something! HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT have become one my favorite punk/hardcore/power violence finds of the motherfucking year. Are you a fan of punishing freaking music? Well then HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT is just for you! Just stop what the fuck you are doing and listen to this band now…better yet, make sure to share their music with a friend…there are so many chaotic turns on this tape, my head is spinning!


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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