Hear the grind chaos of ORPHAN DONOR “Pole Disdain”

What would it sound like if the golden ratio suddenly disappeared from our planet? What if Phi evaporated from existence? What I see in my mind’s eye is everything around me melting, shifting, severing and chaos pouring out of every jagged orifice. I started thinking about this as I tried to visualize the sounds of ORPHAN DONOR, the solo project of Secret Cutter’s drummer Jared Stimpfl. It’s unease come to life, disease made sonic, and it’s fucking sick! Today we’re stoked to be premiering the track “Pole Disdain” from their new album Old Patterns. The album comes out on all digital platforms on Friday the 13th of March pre-order here. Listen to “Pole Disdain” right here and also check out the rad animated album trailer from James Ravelle.

This was the first track I sat down to work out on the LP. It was an old riff I had posted in Movements In C that just never went anywhere until trying this new way to sit down and write. I knew I had a backup of material inside and I think the drum track on this particular one reflected what needed to come out. So, after this was tracked it sort of confirmed for me that I needed to continue on because it just felt good to release from my psyche.

Video: @ james.ravelle
Photo: Jamie Heim

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