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Behind the Scene Footage ELECTRIC WIZARD creating Dopethrone

I spent many nights in my small Lower East Side apartment blasting ELECTRIC WIZARD’s Dopethrone, silkscreening tees while getting high as fuck! The riffs that floated out of my speakers would take my mind to a space that was free of all stress. I have been addicted to ELECTRIC WIZARD since my first time hearing them, and I know I’m not alone! The word on the street is that they have a new album coming this Halloween, but before that they will also be performing at this year’s Psycho Las Vegas festival. Before any this happens, peep these behind the scenes videos of what it took to create certain songs off Dopethrone, specifically “We Hate You,” and “Barbarian.” Hold on, it get’s better – make sure to check out the visual of Jus instructing the world on how to pack the perfect Bong Load! Doom on, my Doom cycos!





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Sentient 51423

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