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Witness the new ODONIS ODONIS Visuals in Effect NOW!

Real talk — I got to say it again — Real Talk, when I D-jay a dance nite again, I promise y’all I will be playing some new tunes from Odonis Odonis. Damn, their new album Spectrums that comes out on Oct.15th via Felte Records is full of BANGERS! Their songs pack a HUGE punch and make me want to dance on the graves of my OPPS! Odonis Odonis’ music puts my mind in attack mode, so you better watch OUT! We’re beyond stoked to be sharing with you two beyond awesome visuals by Odonis Odonis. Get with the program or get smoked, because I don’t mind smoking on the OPPS pack! Pre-order Spectrums HERE!

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Sentient 51423

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