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You’ve Never Heard Anything Like This! Experience NÉANT’s s/t EP

Excuse me as I turn y’all on to the outstanding project NÉANT and their self-titled EP. Honestly, this is the kind of music I need in my life right about now. Imagine if Portishead, Spirit Possession, The Bug, and The Body decided to create music together — the outcome just might sound like this band. What strikes me about NÉANT is how fearless they are in creating music that speaks to the core of their spirit. Songs like “Children” empower me to destroy the negative self-talk that is trying to invade my brainwaves! I’m super excited to share with y’all NÉANT’s new EP in full streaming below. Respect due to the whole Non Serviam crew — y’all bring something so special to the game!

Néant is the brainchild of the French multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Void (Non Serviam, Biollante, Hiverlucide) and the Russian-born musician and poet kariti, currently based in Italy. The idea came to life in 2022 when the two started talking about a collaboration, which resulted in a four song EP with musical influences ranging from Massive Attack, Portishead, and Archive to Ulver, Godflesh, and The Bug, and with lyrics drawing from Russian nihilism, and the absurdity and hypocrisy of human values.


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