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Witness the Extreme Experiment that is NON SERVIAM’s new visual “La Lune Dont Mon Âme Est Pleine”

Whenever I have a chance to write about NON SERVIAM I feel honored, because this band is so special. They are also prolific and with each release bring something new to the game! Their upcoming EP is We Are Nothing But Your Krill and comes out on Aug. 5th via Trepanation Recordings. It’s time for y’all to check out the new NON SERVIAM video for their song called “La Lune Dont Mon Âme Est Pleine.” This intense visual was edited by Dark Sprite Videos. I want to send a message to the band and say thank you for creating music that has NO BOUNDARIES!!!

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Relapse Monolord
DYE cvlt
Sentient 112217

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