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Witness two Magical Post Punk Visuals from LATHE OF HEAVEN

Right now, I’m under the spell of Lathe of Heaven‘s two new visuals/songs! Their new album Bound By Naked Skies comes out on Sept. 1st via Sacred Bones. As y’all can hear for yourself below, this band is about to release one of the most outstanding Post Punk albums of 2023. If my 14-year-old self heard this band in the 80s, I would be dancing my ass off at Club Fetish in Hollywood. Not only does their song “At Moment’s Edge” give me full-body chills every time I hear it, but it also gives me hope that my negative self-talk will never win! I’m really looking forward to hearing Bound By Naked Skies (pre-order HERE) in full, but for right now, I will just get my jam on to these two tunes. Yo Gage, you are killing it on the vocal tip, and musically, the band is next-level EPIC! I know for a fact that Lathe of Heaven manifested one of my favorite debuts of 2023!

When writing “At Moment’s Edge”, Lathe of Heaven initially intended the song to be a one-off, poppy departure from the otherwise depressive and urgent atmosphere of their debut record ‘Bound by Naked Skies’. Once recording the track however, the band found it to contextualise perfectly, the dualistic nature of the record and the band as a whole, proving itself to be a prime candidate for the album’s second single. Laden with dreamy synths and enchanting vocal melodies, “At Moment’s Edge” invokes within the listener a current of visceral elusion, ebbing towards a total re-imagination of any prior notions they may have had about the band.

Lathe of Heaven

 Lathe of Heaven Bound By Naked Skies

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Relapse DF 92123
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