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Witness The new High Vibration visual from BIG CITY “Feather Light”

Right about now I want to share with y’all the new Lo-Fi Hi-Vibration visual from Vancouver’s BIG CITY for their anthem “Feather Light.” I can’t express enough how much I love their new EP Liquid Times out now on K Records! Below y’all can peep how much I was into their last visual. BIG CITY are doing BIG THINGS Real Talk!

Real Talk Big Talk — BIG CITY’s Liquid Times EP is the BOMB! Imagine if the Soup Dragons decided to start a project with the Cocteau Twins — the outcome might just sound like this band. I can’t front, this band flipped the script on the Madchester vibe but is creating something totally their own. Don’t even get me started on their use of Sax — it’s perfect! Every moment of this EP is sonically immaculate and makes me want to hear more! Y’all can pre-order order their record HERE via K Records. I’m really stoked to share this killer visual for their song “Vicious” below. I got to say that I feel like a good parent for the fact that our kids got to see BIG CITY live at their last Vancouver performance.

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Real Talk Big Talk — BIG CITY’s Liquid Times EP is the BOMB! Imagine if the Soup Dragons decided to start a project with...

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