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Witness the Extremely Powerful video from kollapse “Knæler”


I’m really impressed by the unit called kollapse and their new album Sult is pretty freaking moving. This Post-Hardcore band creates the kind of music that speaks to the human condition – that pain that we’re all dealing with right now. I would like to share with you the powerful visual for their song “Knæler.” I would also like to say respect due to kollapse for manifesting art from an honest place of passion and integrity. Sult drops on June 25th via Fysisk Format – order it HERE!

“Knæler” from upcoming Kollapse album SULT, out on Fysisk Format in cooperation with Maniyax Records, Dingleberry Records and Virkelighedsfjern 2021.

We were deliberately going for a very simplistic, bare, and “human” aesthetic for the video. No rapid editing, long takes, and letting the body and its movements be the focus of the visual narrative.

It is about the interaction of vessel and its natural surroundings.  A shedding of internalized, so-called, civilized dogma, patriarchy, and moving towards a pure atavistic state. The lyrics are heavily intertwined with the performance and revolve around the idea of a “father”. All members of the band are very invested in fatherhood and we can agree that it has radically changed our views on love, identity, and human relations. But the idea of a “Father” can also be catastrophic and damaging. The role of the patriarch is deeply ingrained in a lot of us, we see it in many forms in society, both as an almost normative social construct – how we interact across gender relations as well as how we allocate power. It can also be viewed through a religious optic – a father figure, all knowing and all powerful, a life giver and ultimate punisher. I personally find all religious practices enslaving and masochistic.

The title “Knæler” alludes to “kneeling” succumbing to the will of someone and the practice of the praying mantis, where the female eats the male after mating. 

We were hugely inspired by Isabella Adjani’s performance in Possession as well as the work of Bobbi Jene Smith and we needed to find someone with a deep understanding of human movement and with the courage to move through various mental/physical states in public.

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