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Witness the Beautiful Post Punk Gloom of BL00D CLUB’s “evil eye” Visual

One Post Punk band that pushed my wig back in 2022 was Chicago’s bl00d club. I find their music so addictive and once I start listening, it’s hard to stop. They create luxurious, dark, hypnotic anthems that get deep into your brain waves. bl00d club is able to look to the past while pushing the genre of Post Punk forward. Another thing that they’ve got going for them is their visual aesthetic curated by their video director LeMarc. It’s time for y’all to check out their newest video, directed and written by LeMarc and Jesse Flores. Real talk, I know for a fact that 2023 is going to be the year of the bl00d club!

Earlier this year, we saw one video from Blood Club for the only track they had live, “Gastado,” and both of us were like what the fuck kind of brilliance have we stumbled upon? So how stoked are we that they released a tape called current lust and we get to share it on our top post-punk list! This is post-punk for 4 AM dance parties in your friend’s living room, smoking too many cigarettes because you’re high and you forgot you quit.

CVLT Nation’s Top 10 POST PUNK Albums Of 2022 #5 BLOOD CLUB current lust
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