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Avant Garde

Witness Sonic Art BOLT RUIN “Obriultn” + Video Playlist

Photo by Diana Lungu

BOLT RUIN is an artist that creates mind-expanding sonic art that defies words! We are beyond stoked to turn you on to his new video for “Obriultn” off his destructive compilation of the same name. Below you will find a stream of this record, plus a video playlist that BOLT RUIN curated for us! Make sure to tune into the BOLT RUIN: CVLT Nation Live session on June 13th at 1pm PT/4pm ET. You can get all of his records from the always awesome Consouling Sounds!

June 13th 1pm PT/4pm ET

BOLT RUIN – CVLT Nation video playlist

Dreamcrusher – Two

Recently I discovered this video while statues of King Leopold II, a brutal colonizer of Congo, were damaged across Belgium. It feels like this sweet crunchy noise was written for this moment.

Shapednoise – Blaze

My first show was a support slot for electronic metal project Bliss Signal. Although he’s not featured on their records, Shapednoise was performing with them that night. Highly recommended if you like intense and noisy sounds.

Oathbreaker – No Rest For The Weary

If you ask me, Oathbreaker is one of the most innovative bands to ever come out of Belgium. They were going to play an exclusive reunion show at the Arctangent festival this summer. I was supposed to make my UK live debut there. Needless to say that I was stoked. But I guess that will have to wait…

Trash Talk – The Great Escape

Between returning from my day-job and producing music at night, I like to clear my head by watching absurd cartoons. This video reminds me of stuff I love like Mr. Pickles or Rick & Morty. 

Mathlovsky – Doing Drugs To Pig Destroyer

What I like about living in Ghent is that you’ve a community of artists who craft their own unique sound, yet share a similar mentality and support one another. Mathlovsky is one of those people. He made this pounding rave anthem with a grindcore reference. How can you not check that out?

Ho99o9 – War Is Hell

This video is self-explanatory.

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