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Black Metal

Anarchy, Chaos, violence, nihilism… Welcome to the Degenerate Hardcore Punk world of PURO ODIO

Degenerate hardcore punk commando PURO ODIO seem to have picked up the torch of total punk nihilism and boundless hatred right where G.I.S.M had left off, and they are about to carry that foul legacy of death and ruin straight into the future. Their abhorrent story begins in the Basque region of Spain in 2018 with the release of their wretched debut demo, a vomiting of senseless audial filth packed with themes of sadism, chaos and crime which was followed up in 2019 by self-released two song EP which Sentient Ruin has now issued on cassette (get it HERE), the first time their music sees the light on a physical format outside of their homeland, behold…..

As you will hear and see, rather than joining most of their punk peers to spread a positive message about subverting oppression and fighting a righteous fight to free our souls and minds, the Basque punk duo instead seems totally contempt with embracing humanity’s worst and most foul side, exalting the species’ true nature of just being an utter fucking abomination that enjoys reveling in its own failures and shortcomings like swine in its own shit. Puro Odio have no positive message to bear because they are no fucking hypocrites, and just want to remind us all what and who we really are: a heap of foul human waste, and how – surprise surprise – not only we’re all in it with no one really salvageable or worthy of a different or better fate, but we’re all part of and the problem, all guilty and complicit about turning our world into the latrine that it is and of building our own dystopia, exactly how we wanted and knew it would turn out, all totally happy and content with it as we keep upholding individualism and lie through our fucking teeth claiming we would like it to be better or different.

In this Puro Odio really bring us back to reality and rip any false optimism or hope to shreds, not cause it’s not possible, but cause no one really wants it. This is what we are and what we’re happy of being: complete living fucking parasitic vermin, so why hide and pretend we’re something else with some empty messages of hope? Let’s just be happy about and celebrate our true selves! And embrace our our own foul nature! And they turned this simple message into a raging sonic bloodbath of primitive aural filth, celebrating and exalting humanity’s pride in being the scum of the universe that it is and how no one will ever stop that or change it.

As such their music pours out like free-flowing vomit and bile, with hated barked vocals of clear black metal ancestry ranting about what no one would ever celebrate, and upholding with glee and celebration the wonders of evil, violence, betrayal, opportunism, terrorism, injustice, and chaos. The world’s worst scum is upheld and celebrated in its aberrant unavoidability with a violent, primitive and degenerate meat grinder of knuckle-dragging d-beats, chainsawing guitars, revolting vocals, and lyrics about the endless solace we will always find in violence, hatred and anarchy. It is obvious to say that this is a punk band like none other, one that behind its foul and despicable message and sound apparently just smothered in our face for trivial shock value, in reality is pushing hidden dials, salting wounds, and shoving our faces into our biggest lies and hypocrisies. Sonically, this despicable message has resulted into an abomination of the working class crawling like a disease from a forgotten gutter, where Oi! Punk, crust, d-beat, and hardcore have reached their foulest, most primitive and confrontational states, and married the darkness and nihilism of black metal, resulting in an incredible melting pot of sounds that brings back visions of early raw black metal bands like Hellhammer and Von embracing the riots and recklessness of G.I.S.M, Conflict, Broken Bones, and Discharge. Pure fucking nihilist punk armageddon! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open as more will come from Puro Odio and Sentient Ruin int he coming weeks/months.

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