Watch the horror and fear of ARCANA 13’s “Black Death”

The Black Death is so far one of the most harrowing stories in human history – the time Nature culled our population like we were a festering boil that needed to be lanced. And that’s the feeling I get from ARCANA 13‘s track “Black Death,” like I’m witnessing the pus of our species spill from the planet we’ve infected. It’s off their EP of the same name that comes out on Jan. 17th via Aural Music (preorder right here). Their new video for “Black Death” perfectly captures the textures of this sonic tapestry; swirling, oozing, decaying visuals growing and replicating in perpetuity. Does anyone else feel that this is like watching the psilocybin-induced visions that play across the backs of your eyelids in the dark? When the natural world reveals its capacity to take over your corporeal being and leave you nothing more than fodder for the creatures that have outlived us by hundreds of millions of years? These thoughts perfectly suit the music that’s created by a band who’s greatest ambition is to score horror movies, and it makes sense that this EP was written as the theme for the Italian horror TV show “Black Death: The Series.” Right now hit play below and let you mind wander into its darkest places…


Black Death 7″ Preorder link:
Black Death T-Shirt Preorder (designed by Branca Studio):

Arcana 13 are an Italian doom/horror rock band who have most notably worked with Claudio Simonetti of Goblin on a new version of the ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ theme, they also released a brilliant cover of Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’ among many other creepy things. 


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