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Black Metal

Vile Sonic Black//Death!
Premiere Streaming: Vhorthax “Thy Foul Graal”

Unholy awesome fuck – Iron Bonehead Productions has done it again and found a band that I can’t fucking get enough of! They go by the name Vhorthax and they hail from Russia, and on their debut LP this band brings raw, uncut pain to your ears! Nether Darkness is the name of their album, and if you are a fan of Black Death this is a must have! What I dig so much about this release is how they have found the perfect balance between the profane, filth, and morbid groove. Vhorthax’s songs are thick with putrid riffs, but also rock hard as granite. If Nether Darkness came out a month sooner it would have sure been on our end of the year list for 2017 – no worries, it will make the list in 2018. CVLT Nation is fucking beyond stoked to be sharing with you the new Vhorthax song “Thy Foul Graal” below.



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