Video Premiere ‘Strong & Fragile’ by The Von Deer Skulls

The Von Deer Skulls are an enigmatic doom band from France; I started listening to them a few days ago, when Armando from Wraith Productions introduced them to me, and I have to say, I really liked what I listened to.

They don’t sound like a typical doom band; they have an experimental sound on their music, and what I think is a particular addition to their whole is Peter Skull’s voice. The music transmits bleakness, death, despair and melancholy. Visually, they are like a strange mixing of Lynch’s Inland Empire and some twisted Tim Burton movie.

So, we present to you the video premiere of ‘Strong & Fragile’ (featuring guest vocals by Fañch from Stonebirds and Bagpipe from The Great Von Deer) from the album The Rest Is Silence released by Wraith Productions on October 31st.




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