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It’s late: time to go to bed after a long, exhausting day. You finally slip under your freshly clean sheets. Turn off the light. Close your eyes.
Then a thought comes up to your mind. Something you didn’t even remember about, but that still upsets you and makes you feel uncomfortable. You tell yourself to let go and sleep, but still you can’t help going around that thought, again and again. It’s excruciating. But also beautiful.
 This is more or less how John, The Void’s new album, “III – Adversa”, feels like. With a notable detail: according to the band, it looks like after a tireless and painful quest through the forest of mind, still there’s a chance to find peace.

Stepping a little bit further from their seminal experiments, John, The Void sign what we can describe as a fine modern post doom work – though their sound is enriched by sludgy, electronic and even black metal-ish nuances. In this sense, “III-Adversa” stands as the physiological prosecution of what they started with “II” and, somehow, its completion.

Listen to John The Void’s single “Silent Bearer”:

III – Adversa” is kind of a psychoanalysis session in which the listener is both the patient and the doctor. It sounds like an intense, uncompromising dialogue with oneself inner side – the sort of conversation in which the compelling need to drag out all the pain collides with the actual pain of being forced to listen.
Such an operation cannot but being somehow liberating, however, and that’s what we hear in the emotional riffs that spread from time to time between lacerating screams and the overall plumbeous atmosphere of the album.

In the band’s own words:

“Differently from our previous releases, the general sound and the whole concept aren’t oriented towards sci-fi, visionary feels, but they’re based on a more tangible sense of despair, in which humanity itself faces the irreparable sense of helplessness against Fate, pain, loss, guilt and the exhausting war to conquer a moment of peace.”

Formed in North-Eastern Italy five years ago John, The Void have released so far one full-length, “II”, that came out in , and a couple of EPs.

Listen to John The Void’s single “Curse”:

III – Adversa”  will be released on April 5th by Argonauta Records.
All details here below:

III – Adversa” tracklisting:
01. Shapeshifter
02. Dark City Of Error
03. Adversa
04. Silent Bearer
05. A Cold Becoming
06. Cursed
07. A Permament Change

John, The Void is:
MatteoBurigana: guitar
MarcoVerardo: guitar
EnricoFabris: drums
AndreaPasianot: bass
MarcoZanella: vocals/electronics


Written By

Cuddling kittens and worshipping the Dark Lord on the foggy side of Italy.

Sentient 51423

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