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Apocalyptic Blues

Unholy Abrasions: UNIFORM – Wake in Fright Review + Stream

Photo by Samantha Marble

Goddamn it, what year is it? Are Touch and Go, STT, WaxTrax, AmRep and Dischord still busting out the best records around? This new album just fucking catapulted me back to the early 90s when bands like Big Black, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Shellac, and Butthole Surfers were ravaging ear drums with their revolutionary alchemies of punk rock, industrial, noise and other creepy and abrasive as fuck avantgarde sonic scarifications. Uniform play bastard and spastic noise rock and hail from the gut of NYC, so of course you don’t even need to listen to a note of their music to immediately tell what their heritage is. This band sounds like a schism of Unsane, or like a tumor removed from early Sonic Youth and implanted into Atari Teenage Riot.


[youtube id=”SsU51ZNUdC8″]


The most angular, abrasive, unclean and discordant tradition of NYC noise rock and punk impacting at supersonic speed with a wall of industrial smoldering magma, creating massive ripples of chaotic sonic debris. Opening tracks “Tabloid” and “Habit” sound like Pigpile-era Big Black having rough sex with Godheadsilo and Karp, while, the following “The Lost” sounds like Skinny Puppy and In My Head-era Black Flag poured down your ear canals mixed with sulphuric acid. “The Light at the End (Cause)” and “Bootliker” are a real headfuck where once again the torturous industrial blight of Atari Teenage Riot and Scorn hits you from all sides like a firestorm of shrapnel, only to be separated by the Killing Joke-ish rabid frenzy of “The Killing of America”. “Night of Fear” and “The Light at the End (Effect)” bring things to an end in a more obscure and ominous state of torment, embracing the industrial drones of Godlflesh and Swans and bringing Uniform’s derailed punk inclinations to unthinkable extremes of sonic sadism, assuring for a glorious conclusion of one of modern punk’s most fucked in the head releases to see the light in recent years. Get this fucking headcase of a record from Sacred Bones Records today – it rules.




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