Tune into the experimental death-doom monstrosity that is LEATHER GLOVE

On March 8, 2019 Sentient Ruin and Dawnbreed Records will be releasing the debut LP by Oakland’s experimental death-doom monstrosity LEATHER GLOVE, and today we’re stoked and honored to stream the beast exclusively in full below. Tapes, digital, and vinyl for North America can be acquired from Sentient Ruin HERE and/or HERE, while vinyl for the EU can be acquired from Dawnbreed HERE.

The solo effort and brainchild of famed Oakland-based sound engineer and musician Greg Wilkinson (of BrainoilDeathgrave, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea) owner and operator of Earhammer Studios in Oakland CA (Vastum, Graves at Sea, Noothgrush, Autopsy, Acephalix, a trillion more), Perpetual Animation is a gargantuan and hideous death-doom beast that took over two years to complete and into which Wilkinson has thrown his entire songwriting, production, engineering, and creative knowledge and skills, to create something as imposing and intimidating as it is seemingly illogical, aberrant, and completely experimental. Sonically, Perpetual Animation sounds like the bastard child of Coffins and Undergang, but it doesn’t stop there. Far from it. Anyone familiar with Wilkinson knows his past as an experimental noise musician who’s dealt with anything ranging from electronic noise, to noise rock and grindcore, all the way to extreme doom. As such it should come as no surprise that Leather Glove is multi-headed beast and a complete sonic anomaly, where the disgust and utter filth of primitive death-doom is merely used as a counterweight to an underlying framework of experimental noise, ambient, and compositional abstractions borrowed from fringe sonic frontiers like Swans, Zeni Geva and beyond. The result: a total mindfuck and one of the most original, deviant, disgusting, and downright destructive death metal/doom albums you will hear all year, where the aesthetic of the aforementioned bands like Coffins, Undergang, Winter, Autopsy, Noothgrush, and Hooded Menace is disfigured by lacerations of abstract industrial noise, ambient, and deranged punk experimentalism.

It doesn’t end there – to take things to an entire new level of devastation, Greg has enlisted the cream of the crop of Bay Area extreme metal and beyond to aid him in his hideous vision: Chad Galey from Necrot, Vastum, Atrament and Mortuous and Dustin Ferris of Apraxic, Pleasure Cross, Engorged, etc. take turns pounding the drums on their respective tracks, while ripping guitar solos on each song were also provided by bastion metal shredders like Sean McGrath (Ghoul, Impaled), Shelby Lermo (Vastum, Ulthar, Extremity), Eric Cutler (Autopsy), and Danny Corrales (Autopsy, Abcess) to round out a debut release of absolutely incinerating intensity.


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