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A True Black Ink Wizard…
Róbert Borbás (aka Grindesign)

Unholy triple fuck… the art and tattoo work of Róbert Borbás (aka Grindesign) is beyond fucking unreal. This is straight plugged into the dark side, and when you look at his work you can see that he is passionate it about it! His lines are so rad and so many of his pieces tell sinister stories of the grim side of life and death. What’s a trip is how Grindesign is able to create such horror but make it look so beautiful! I can’t believe that we have not featured his work sooner, because I know his style will speak to our readers…The time is now to check out a true black ink wizard that goes by the name of Grindesign! If you are in Hungary, check out his shop Rooklet Ink located in downtown Budapest.



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