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Time for the Truth:
Myths About Slavery Debunked

This is video about the myth of slavery is pretty spot on and should be watched by all! So many misconceptions and so much misinformation has been disseminated about this subject, but this video gets down to the nitty gritty. Below you can see the points covered in this short film. Respect due to The Cynical Historian for creating this.


[youtube id=”R1FO9MqWugY”]

List of myths addressed in the video:
1. White slaves in America
2. America invented slavery
3. The first slave owner in America was black
4. The Union fought the civil war to end slavery
5. The South seceded over “state’s rights”
6. Few southerners owned slaves
7. Factory workers were like slaves
8. Black soldiers fought for the Confederacy
9. Africans were captured by Europeans
10. White people ended slavery


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