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CULTURE SHOCK Photo by Joe Lacey

Straight up, the Denver Hardcore Punk scene is thriving! They constantly have bands that bring the pain! Some of the bands roll together and create together under the name the Wolf Pack. Youth Attack Records has close ties to this this community because many of the bands are released on Mark’s label or he makes music with them as well. On the 12th of Feb, CULTURE SHOCK, DIRECT THREAT, PROWLER, and REPEAT OFFENDER (from LA) all wrecked shop at the 7th Circle. From the video footage that was captured by SHACKLED MIND, y’all can see that this was a historic night!

I want to give a huge shout-out to all of the bands, plus Chon and Joe Lacey for taking some killer photos! Also, check out this rad feature from a year before it all went on pause, Why A Changing Denver Is Creating A Hotbed For Hardcore In 2019, written by John Menchaca. I also want to send some love to all of the humans in Denver that kill shit, from the videographers, photographers, graphic artists, label owners, and all of the bands that are not mentioned in this feature!

CULTURE SHOCK, 7th Circle, Denver, 02/12/22. Photos by @__c__h__o__n__

CULTURE SHOCK, 7th Circle, Denver, 02/12/22.

Photo by @c__h__o__n__ REPEAT OFFENDER

REPEAT OFFENDER 7th Circle, Denver, 02/12/22. @joexlacey

CROWD Photos by @c__h__o__n 7th Circle

Photo by @c__h__o__n PROWLER (demo release)

PROWLER, 7th Circle, Denver, 02/12/22. @joexlacey

DIRECT THREAT, 7th Circle, Denver, 02/12/22. @joexlacey

@nogutsnogordy flyer.

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